“Do unto others then split”

That was a motto told jokingly between my friends growing up. Sound familiar?

It’s not always easy to be kind or patient. It’s not simple to avoid being offended by others’ carelessness. My Dad once told me there is a special place in heaven for someone who knows your weakness and who does not try (nor enjoy) pushing you to that place. The place that they know they can make you fall. The place where your past trauma will be triggered, turning your actions into “the problem” so they themselves will have no blame.

Avoiding Pushing Buttons

In any sort of relationship – in marriage, in work, in friendships or families – you will quickly learn each other’s weaknesses and each other’s strengths. You will learn where the easily pushed buttons are. You may know what throws the other person down the pit of their own pain… But if you are looking to build a relationship of love and trust you will be best served by learning restraint, and avoiding these pain points and buttons. Show love by not wanting to cause unnecessary pain. As time goes on, what you once thought of as a weakness, it’s possible, you may learn it really is a strength.

Do Onto Others - Our spin on the golden rule | Eclipse Meditations

Do Unto Others As They Need You To Do

Though my joking “Do unto others then split” is not sincere advice, maybe even “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” is not the perfect replacement. It may be “Do unto others as they need you to do, for their sake.” Through practicing this you will build relationships based on trust and love. May I encourage you to rejoice in your strengths and of others strengths. Learn to show restraint and acceptance of each other. I assure you, if you follow the temptation to do the unkind thing and try for some measure of revenge on each other, you will find it is an empty victory.

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