In this first of this three part blog series, we discussed practical tips for clearing your physical space. Steps like decluttering or washing your bedding can have a big impact on your mood, and though we all know this, it is easy to lack motivation or brain space to even think about these tasks. 

In today’s post, it is time to take things deeper. I am going to walk you through how to clear the energy of your home step-by-step. If this process feels unfamiliar to you, or you have never tried something like this before, this is your guide. Some of the steps below include spoken phrases, actions, or adding the assistance of tools such as calming meditations or soothing scents. Trust each step, and try out those that stand out to you.

I have found the process below to be a powerful way to reset my home and balance the energy of those coming in and out of it. The intentional steps alone have a big impact on my personal energy. 

Perhaps the most beautiful part is, you do not need lengthy experience in the world of energy work to start these clearings in your own space today. This post was created for those at any level of experience. You will find as you move through these steps with intention and hope, you will learn how to connect with your own intuition and your mind will be opened to what your home needs at this time.

I would love to hear your experience as you practice your own home clearing. Join the Eclipse Healing Circle Facebook group to share what you are learning and hear from others doing the same. 

Let’s get started!

Start With Energetic Home Clearing Prework 

These initial steps will prepare you for the next phase of the Energetic Home Clearing, start here:

Light: If you do the energy clearing during the day, open your curtains and blinds, and let the sunlight into all of your rooms. Shift the energy with sunlight!  Bring light into the whole house – as much of it as you can.  

Air: Open your door or windows for a few minutes, even if you are in a freezing climate. Allow the fresh air to come into your space and move the stagnant air. 

Turn off your heater for a few minutes if needed, but allow the fresh air into your home.  You can choose to leave the doors or windows open as you do the energetic cleansing, but you don’t have to.  It depends on how cold it is outside. (If you are in Arizona like me, no big deal… but if you are in the far north… It’s different!  Just a short amount of time will move the stagnant air inside.)  

Peace.  It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.  It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.  – Unknown

Gather Tools For Your Energetic Cleansing

Build a foundation for your clearing by considering sound, smell, and intent. Using supportive tools will ignite all of your senses, and signal to your mind what to focus on. Here are some tools you may want to gather before you begin:

Sound – Add sound. Play a recording of singing bowls or meditation, or your favorite song. Nature’s Serenade in the Eclipse Meditation app is a perfect collection to use when doing a home energy clearing. (Last night, I used Flute Serenade with the beautiful sound of rain and light thunder.)

SageBurning sage in your home has a cleansing effect.  This ritual has roots in the Native American tradition, where it’s considered a holy herb to cleanse the space or environment of negative energy.  Allow the cleansing to generate wisdom and clarity and, most of all, promote a healing environment!  

Essential Oils – These are my go-to!  I love to diffuse essential oils in my home or office space.  Here are my three favorite oils for energy clearing.  You may want to use a different one or a combination depending on the energy you want to clear.  

    1. Eucalyptus – This is a general use oil and one that lots of people have on hand.  If you didn’t know, there are emotional properties for each essential oil.  Eucalyptus inspires wellness. It helps to dispel negative emotions such as attachment to illness, feeling defeated, despairing, desire to escape life or responsibilities, feeling imprisoned or feeling powerless to heal.  Diffusing this oil will help you and others in your home with the ability to heal, feel well, be liberated, be responsible, and feel encouraged.  
    2. Lemon – If you struggle with distraction and overwhelm in the home, Lemon is the perfect oil to diffuse to bring focus, clarity, and concentration.  It is the ideal oil to transform the space and cleanse negative emotions like confusion, inability to focus, mental fatigue, lack of joy and energy, learning issues, guilt, and disengagement.  This citrus scent invokes focus, energy, mental clarity, alertness, rational thinking, and happiness.
    3. Arborvitae – This is one of my personal favorites.  It is not as common, but I am in love with it!  Use this oil to cleanse your space and energy of the need to control excessive effort, constant busyness, distrust, rigidness, and fear.  Allow your home to be filled with peace, surrender, groundedness, trust, relaxation, and grace.  

Begin the Energetic Home Clearing

First, create in thought or “spirit” what you want to promote in your home by thinking about your intentions. 

All creation begins with a thought.  Remember your power to create.   

You are a creator.  Your home provides a space for creation.  

Formulate your intention   

My intention is to cleanse/release ___________ (be specific) from my home/work/living space and replace it with _____________ (be specific). 

Intention Ideas:  

Cleanse/release discouragement from my home and replace it with hope, energy, and action.  

Cleanse/release anger and irritation from my home and replace it with patience, kindness, and love.  

Cleanse/release self-sabotage from my home and replace it with accountability and responsibility.  

Cleanse/release resentment from my home and replace it with compassion, empathy, and grace.  

Activate the Light Waterfall 

Next, activate an imaginary light waterfall. Imagine a light waterfall filled with brilliant light and love descending from above.  Allow it to flow in and through your home, living space, or workspace as you release the old stagnant and negative energy.  Feel the water and light permeate everything as it cleanses the energies present.  

Now it’s time to begin the release process.  Add anything you would like to the following script to personalize it for your home and living space. 

Say These Phrases To Release

I now release the old stagnant, negative, non-serving energy in my home, office, and living spaces.  I release scarcity; there is never enough time, money, or things that I need. I release anger, irritation, annoyance, impatience, and unmet expectations.  I release illness, depression, low energy, lack of purpose.  I release feeling stuck, stagnant, and like nothing ever changes.  I release self-sabotage, manipulation, and fear.  I release blind spots.  I release stress and anxiety.  

Add anything else that you want to release, but be specific.  

Allow the light waterfall to flow through and push all non-serving energy out of your home or space with ease. All of the negative and non-serving energy is eager to go.  It flows out of your home and down the street into the ditch or canal and is diluted and carried away, losing all of its power in the process.  Allow mother earth to absorb, decompose, and neutralize the energy.  

Now that all of the non-serving old energy is cleansed from your home, it’s time to set energetic filters to stand as sentinels at every entry point.  Imagine the energetic filter as something that only allows in light and goodness, and which serves the highest and greatest good for you and all who live within your home and all who enter your home.  

This energetic filter will protect your home and space from things that do not serve a higher purpose.  But it is also a magnet that draws in all that is good. Visualize this energetic filter with incredible power.  Allow it to be augmented with your spirit guides, angels, or higher power.  Allow all that is good to flow into your space or home. 

Say These Phrases to Invite

I invite opportunity, new possibilities, and new and better ways of doing things, self-awareness, understanding, light, love, goodness, and prosperity in all forms into my home.  I invite safety and security.  This home or space is grounded in truth.  

I invite prosperity in my relationships, with an abundance of love, patience, compassion, empathy, and grace and with an equal dose of accountability and healthy boundaries.  

I invite health, wellness, wholehearted living, learning, growth, wisdom, and a love for serving others into my space. I invite in order and organization. 

I open myself up to vulnerability, humility, and connectedness to my true self in this space.  

I remember that sacrificing for others should take place after I take care of myself, I will fill my cup, take time for self-care.  I will fill my home with the ability to honor myself and my need for self-care.  I am the heart of the home.  Self-care is the most loving thing I can do to protect my home.  

The invitation is complete.  

Allow this to flow through you and every room of your home, work, or living space until it is full and overflowing with goodness and loving intent.  

The energetic clearing and replacement are complete.  

Set Protection Around Your Home

Your home or space has been cleared and filled with light.  Set your energetic filter with specific intent. What do you need to guard against?  What protections do you need to put in place for your home and living spaces?  

Write out your intent, post it where everyone can easily see it in your home.  Have other family members help with setting the intention as well.  

Patterns repeat themselves, and some patterns require more focus and diligence in preventing them from repeating.  Do not be discouraged, do not judge or beat yourself up if it happens again.  Be objective, acknowledge and do a clearing, and reset the intent.  It will get easier over time.  Persistence will pay off!  I promise.  

Do not try to change everything at once.  Small consistent changes made over time become big changes!  Simple steps made every day will create incredible results.  

Did you know you can do an energetic clearing for your home, work, or living space at different times and for various reasons?

To learn when to do this energetic clearing on your home, click here for the final part of this blog series.

This post was written by Eclipse guide Laura. After spending years desperately searching for new ways to heal her mind and body, Laura was finally introduced to Emotional Release. Since then she has dedicated her life and career to helping others find the emotional and physical healing that transformed her own life. She does this through her works as a registered nurse and a health and wellness coach, and now sharing her insight as a founder of Eclipse. You can learn more about Laura here, as well as the other passionate women behind Eclipse Meditations.

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