There’s no place like (a peaceful) home. Learning energetic clearing techniques to release stagnant or negative energy can transform your home into the sanctuary you crave. It doesn’t have to mean escaping to a spa or hiding for a moment of quiet in the bathroom, though we can’t blame you for that! But more than those fleeting moments, we want to teach you how to infuse peace and balance the energy in your home. Read through this 3 part blog post to learn how to do this through both practical steps and in-depth clearing techniques. 

In this blog series you’ll learn:

  1. Practical tips for your physical space

  2. How to do an Energetic Home Clearing and

  3. When to do it

As you incorporate these simple methods into your routine, you’ll be able to keep your home environment healthy, peaceable and uplifting.

The truth is that energetic clutter invades our spaces. Things happen. We go through illness, a loss, or significant transitions in life. Expectations are unmet, relationships are challenging, work is stressful, and to-do lists are long. Resentment, anger, frustration, stress, anxiety, irritation, or disappointment builds up in our environment with no release.  

We also have generational patterns of living that are deeply rooted in our lives. (We’ll dive into this topic in future blog series.) 

Regular energetic cleansing is as essential to create peace as organizing and putting our homes in order.

I would love to show you how I do this and have taught many others to do it as well.  

Try These Practical Tips

If you are struggling with illness and it’s recycling in your home…

During flu season and with new viruses introduced into our environment, it’s more important than ever to keep our home clean and decluttered. As viruses take out family members one by one it is easy to feel like “it just doesn’t seem to go away!” Especially if you have kids at home. Try these steps below:  

  • Change the air filters – your heater is constantly running during cold weather. You want the air intake to pull clean air into your home. When the filter is dirty, it creates more work for the heater and delivers dust and other particles and allergens into the house. Change the air filter monthly, especially during cold and flu season.  
  • Wash your bedding – Use hot water for your sheets and pillowcases.  Freshen up bedspreads and blankets by shaking them out outside.  
  • Change your toothbrush after a season full of illnesses. 

If you are struggling to clean and declutter…

Sometimes thinking about cleaning and decluttering triggers feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, especially if you’ve lived in the same space for a while.  Things accumulate over time and become cluttered.  Clutter creates stagnant energy in the home. To shake up that energy, try this:

  • On the Eclipse App we offer a meditation track about “decluttering.” Turn on this supportive track and take a deep breath. This will jump start your mind and energy and give you the motivation to tidy up not only your emotional life but the space around you.
  • Set the intent to start with one area at a time. If clutter is a stressor for you, remember to break it down into small areas.  It doesn’t have to be all taken care of before you do an energetic home clearing.   
  • Create a schedule and plan to spend at least 15 minutes per day decluttering or cleaning areas in your home.  

To listen to our guided healing meditation called “Decluttering”, click here to download the Eclipse Meditation app. You can find it in the Anxiety genre, Firmly Rooted album. Take time to clear away what is clogging your mind and physical spaces with this amazing guided healing meditation.  Many have felt a shift in energy and desire to declutter after listening to this meditation. 

Take Clearing Your Space to the Next Level

As I mentioned above, you do not have to do all of these steps before starting an energetic home clearing. If you are feeling overwhelmed, and feel the desire to tackle bigger emotional steps as you build the motivation to keep things tidy – click here

Or if you have built the practical foundation and are ready to learn how to do an energetic home clearing, click here as well.  

This post was written by Eclipse guide Laura. After spending years desperately searching for new ways to heal her mind and body, Laura was finally introduced to Emotional Release. Since then she has dedicated her life and career to helping others find the emotional and physical healing that transformed her own life. She does this through her works as a registered nurse and a health and wellness coach, and now sharing her insight as a founder of Eclipse. You can learn more about Laura here, as well as the other passionate women behind Eclipse Meditations.

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