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We all dream, but most of us don’t understand what our dreams are trying to tell us. We are often taught to ignore our dreams or have thought of them as frivolous manifestations of our subconscious.

Dreams are a powerful tool for self-exploration and growth. They can help you learn about yourself, your past, present and future. We want to help you learn from your dreams and gain guidance and understanding by interpreting them for you with insightful information about what is going on inside you.

Our mission is to help you understand the hidden meaning behind your dreams so that you can:

  • Better understand yourself
  • Find answers to questions that have been bothering you.
  • Gain insight into important decisions or issues in your life.
  • Improve relationships with others including family members or partners.
  • Heal emotional wounds from the past that may be holding back your progress today.

Our Wise Women team has helped hundreds of people just like you unlock the secrets behind their dreams. Submit your dream today so that we can get started helping you understand your own personal symbols and meanings.



How it works:

Add the Dream Interpretation to the cart and checkout. Once you have checked out there will be a form for you to fill out the details of the dream. You will automatically receive an email letting you know we have received your dream. Please allow up to 7 days for your dream interpretation to arrive via email.

Q & A

How does this work over email?2021-09-10T15:52:22+00:00

You can send in a voice recording or type out your dream. One of our trained Wise Women will read over the dream and write up an interpretation for you. You will receive an email with the dream interpretation attached in no more than 7 days.

How do I know what dream to choose?2021-09-10T15:52:24+00:00

Choose a dream that stands out to you. This could be a recurring dream, scary dream, or anything in between! Whatever you have found yourself recalling in your waking hours is worth understanding better.

What can I expect to gain from an interpretation?2021-09-10T15:52:26+00:00

It can give you the direction you are needing as well as helping you to gain confidence in your life choices. It will help you to see the connection your higher power/spiritual sources have with you.

Are my dreams worth interpreting?2021-09-10T15:52:28+00:00

Yes! Any dream that stands out to you or you find yourself pondering (no matter how weird or disturbing you think it is) is worth understanding.

How do you know how to interpret dreams?2021-09-10T15:52:30+00:00

First off, we are not simply reading symbols from a book. Dream interpretation is a language that a person learns. It is understanding not only symbols and stories but understanding how to read the individual and their spirit as it speaks to us. It is unique to each individual and it takes time to learn and utilize the spiritual gift of dream interpretation.

3 reviews for Dream Interpretation

  1. Morgan L. (verified owner)

    Overall review is a 10/10. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but once I got my interpretation, I was speechless. It described the emotions, fears, and questions I’ve had in real life with shocking accuracy. This interpretation gave me guidance and the answers to questions I haven’t been able to find answers to. I would 100% use this service again❤️

  2. Van Anderse

    It makes sense! She did a great job explaining my dream to me and seemed very knowledgeable on signs and what they mean. It makes we want to start a dream journal so I can get more of them interpreted!

  3. Emily O

    I had been having a reoccurring dream about past and present obstacles I’ve been facing and how I am keeping myself stagnant in the same place, when I should be paying attention to how things in the dream affect my ability to move forward. I didn’t know how to put my feelings and dream into words until I had McKenzie interpret my dream. Now I can move forward and work on progressing.

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