Earlier in this blog series, I walked you through how to do an energetic home clearing. Starting with practical steps, and moving into an in-depth guide on resetting the balance in your space.

Of course you can do this reset whenever you feel it’s needed, but getting into the habit of doing a thorough clearing at certain important phases in life is the best way to keep the energy of your home moving. 

If you are not yet intuitively connected to the energetic needs of your family and your home, try the clearing steps in our last post when any of the events below happen:  

When To Cleanse Your Energy and Your Space

At the beginning of a new year!

Clear out the unmet expectations, frustrations, resentments, lack of forgiveness, and regrets from your home, living space, or work.

When you feel down and discouraged

This will help you shift your mindset and reset your energy.

When you’re sick, or people have been ill in your home

Illness is stressful and carries negative energy into the space – Read more about practical steps to take when there is illness in your home, here

When you go through a breakup or a loss

Honor the loss, but release the pain that is caused by beating yourself up, feeling that you are not enough or feeling that you are not worthy of love.  

After an argument with your partner or family member

Invite forgiveness, restore love and feelings of acceptance and kindness.  Resolve to do better next time.

During any major life transition…

Such as new job, relationship, new puppy or pet, or baby arriving. This will clear out the old energy to make space for the new. 

When you feel stuck

Perhaps you are struggling with bad habits, if you can’t get out of a funk, are feeling discouraged and unmotivated, or are constantly tired.  Release the things that are keeping you stuck in the past. 

During a New Moon!

Use this particular time to set new intentions for your home or business. As you’ll see within the Eclipse App, everything we do is inspired by the phases of the moon. Click here to download the app and learn how to set your own energy and learn what the moon cycles can teach us. 

Share Your Experience

If you have experience clearing your home after one of the life events above, we would love to hear about it! Join the Eclipse Healing Circle Facebook group to share your experiences with cleansing your energy and hear from others doing the same. 

This post was written by Eclipse guide Laura. After spending years desperately searching for new ways to heal her mind and body, Laura was finally introduced to Emotional Release. Since then she has dedicated her life and career to helping others find the emotional and physical healing that transformed her own life. She does this through her works as a registered nurse and a health and wellness coach, and now sharing her insight as a founder of Eclipse. You can learn more about Laura here, as well as the other passionate women behind Eclipse Meditations.

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